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Updated November 18, 2018

Lawn Mower Petrol

Snapper NX-90V 21 Inch Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower - Lawn Mowers > Petrol Lawn Mowers > Self Propelled Lawn Mower


The Snapper NX series of rotary lawnmowers are all built with steel cutter decks and powered by Briggs and Stratton Ready Start engines. They are solid, quality machines as Snapper have been producing lawnmowers since the fifties, originally just for the US market but have expanded worldwide over the years. Snapper were recently bought by Briggs and Stratton as part of their expanding garden machinery division.The Snapper NX-90V is a variable speed self-propelled rotary mower with a larger 21 inch cutting width. The NX-90V is a four wheeled lawn mower with high rear wheels which means it can handle most lawn types and conditions including those with inclines or with uneven areas and still produce a good cut and finish. Four wheeled mowers are easy to manoeuvre around garden obstacles such as shrubs, bushes or flower beds. Having a walk behind self-propelled or power driven mower lessens the amount of effort required by the user to mow lawn areas. The variable speed feature on the NX-90V lets you set the mowing speed so you can work at a comfortable pace.Ideally sized for larger domestic lawn spaces the Snapper NX-90V is powered by a Briggs and Stratton 875EX Ready Start petrol engine which uses unleaded fuel and 4-stroke engine oil.You can use the Snapper NX-90V in 3 different mowing modes. The traditional cut and collect method into a grass catcher, with the catcher removed in rear discharge mode or with the mulch plug fitted in mulching mode. Rear discharge is more useful in longer grass or less formal areas as the clippings are ejected to the rear of the machine and left to wilt back naturally into the soil. The Snapper NX 90V has a high lift cutting blade fitted which lifts the clippings higher into grass bag. The fabric and hard top 70 litre catcher lets air circulate through the clippings packing them in tightly so you waste less time emptying the collector and more time mowing.A simple single lever adjusts the cutting height through 6 different positions fro..... (more)

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