Lawn Mower Petrol

Updated May 18, 2018

Lawn Mower Petrol

Webb Elite R42SP 4 Wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower


Webb Elite R42SP\nA self-propelled 4 wheel lawnmower powered by the Briggs & Stratton 450e petrol engine.
The Elite R42SP has a narrow 16” (42cm) cutting width perfect for a medium sized lawn (40m x 40m).
Fitted with a single speed power drive it will propel the user along at a comfortable walking pace.
Power drive is very useful if your lawn is sloping or has any uneven areas.
It reduces both the time spent mowing and the fatigue of pushing a hand mower.
\nThe R42 SP rotary cut lawn mower has a steel deck which adds to the robustness of the machine.
It features 2 cutting options, cut and collect or cut and mulch.
\nWith the standard cut and collection method the grass clippings are held in a 55 litre bag ready for emptying.
The fabric material of the grass bag helps air to circulate through the clippings so they pack in better.
If your grass is slightly long, start on the highest cutting setting (65mm) and gradually work down to the lowest (25mm).
If you start too low you can scalp or rip the grass and damage the roots.
\nIf you remove the grass collector and fit the mulch plug the mower will then cut then re-cut the grass into very fine pieces which are blown back onto the lawn.
They will then be absorbed promoting an overall healthier growth and appearance.
Mulching is an excellent way to recycle the cuttings and doesn’t require a collector.
A better result is produced by using this feature in drier conditions and on shorter grass.
\nThe Briggs and Stratton 450e series engines produce 125cc of power and are renowned for their excellent performance and reliability.
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