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Updated October 19, 2018

Lawn Mower Petrol

Mountfield S501R PD Premium Self-Propelled Rear Roller Lawn Mower


Mountfield Premium rear roller mower range with 3 models offering a choice of cutting widths and petrol engines.
These lawn mowers have some superb features which will truly make your Mountfield mower an investment for years to come.
\nThe cutter decks are formed from a single piece of pressed steel then galvanised for durability.
The chassis stiffness has been strengthened by double with the added 4 step molding process.
The inclusion of aluminium components to areas of the mower where rigidity and strength are crucial including the grass discharge chute allows for the hybrid steel / aluminium chassis.
\nThe Mountfield S501R PD is a single speed self-propelled lawn mower with a full width rear roller for a striped finish to the lawn.
Offering a larger cutting width (19”) the S501 RPD with power drive enables you to cover more ground and with less effort than by using a hand-propelled mower.
\n8 cutting height positions from 13 – 65mm adjusted via the central lever ensure you choose the perfect cut for the lawn.
It is recommended to start on the highest setting then work down gradually to avoid damaging the grass and get the best cut and finish.
The innovative design of the handlebars allows you to adjust the height in a single movement.
\nThe S501 RPD incorporates a ‘twin clip’ rotary cutting blade which cuts the grass at 2 heights as it mows over it.
This new technology improves the cutting and collecting performance by 20% compared to the traditional straight cutter blade.
The cyclone collection system packs more clippings in to the grass collector, the result is less time spent mowing and overall better results are achieved.
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