Lawn Mower Petrol

Updated March 18, 2018

Lawn Mower Petrol

Weibang Virtue 53 Pro BBC Kaw 4 Wheel Lawn Mower


The Weibang range of garden machinery are high quality, durable & affordable machines which are powered by Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki, Lonsin and Honda engines.
Weibang lawn mowers are designed by a British company and vigorously factory tested.
\nWeibang PRO mowers have a 3 year commercial warranty.
\nThe Weibang Virtue 53 PRO BBC rotary lawn mower has a 53cm (22”) cutting width, aluminium cutting deck and is driven by a powerful Kawasaki engine.
The Virtue 53PRO BBC has a Blade Brake Cable which allows the operator to stop the blade turning without shutting the engine off.
The Virtue 53 PRO BBC is a cut and rear collect mower which is fitted with a large 70 litre fabric grass collector.
\nThe variable 3 speed gearbox lets the user reduce or increase the forward speed of the mower to match the terrain and cutting conditions.
A heavy duty aluminium cutter deck offers increased strength, durability and corrosion resistance prolonging the life of the machine.
\nKawasaki petrol engines have proven high performance, low noise and emissions with industry leading anti-vibration levels.
The anti-vibration mounts reduce the vibration levels felt by the user in their hands and arms so the mower can be used for longer periods more comfortably.
\nThe cutting heights can be adjusted through 7 stages from 25 – 76mm.
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