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Updated May 18, 2018

Lawn Mower Petrol

Stiga Multiclip 47 S Blue Self Propelled Mulching Mower


The Stiga Multiclip 47 S Blue is a brilliant power driven mulching lawn mower for any garden.
The mulching technology automatically cuts grass clippings in to tiny pieces and spreads them evenly across the lawn.
This mulching process helps to conserve moisture, improve the fertility and health of the soil, reduce weed growth and enhance the overall visual appeal of the area.
It also removes the need to rake up or empty any clippings so you can get the job done quicker.
\nThe Multiclip 47 S Blue mulching mower is built on a tough powder coated steel chassis with four 180 mm ball bearings wheels for smoother running over uneven ground.
The 47 S Blue is powered by the Stiga RS 100 petrol engine and has a large 45cm / 18” cutting width .
The cutting heights can be adjusted with three levers to 5 different cutting settings ranging from 31 to 80mm.
\nThe Stiga Multiclip 47 S Blue is a step up from the standard 47 Blue as it is self propelled which is better if you have any slopes to mow.
The power drive propels the mower along without the extra fatigue of pushing.
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