Lawn Mower Petrol

Updated February 23, 2018

Lawn Mower Petrol

Stiga Multiclip Plus 50 S Self Propelled Mulching Lawnmower


The Stiga Multiclip Plus 50 S is a robust, dedicated mulching mower suitable for any garden.
The Multiclip Plus 50S has a galvanised steel chassis and single speed power drive propulsion.
\nIt is a reliable and durable petrol engine mower that not only cuts your grass but also mulches it.
It cuts the grass trimmings in to smaller pieces that are then automatically spread across your lawn, providing it with additional nutrients for a healthier and better looking garden.
\nThe chassis and blades have been specially engineered to direct sound downwards for a quieter mowing experience.
The mower has a 48cm cutting width and 5 adjustable cutting heights ranging from 31 – 75mm.
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