Lawn Mower Petrol

Updated December 17, 2018

Lawn Mower Petrol

AL-KO BM 5001 R II Petrol Scythe Mower


The AL-KO BM5001R is a robust, powerful Briggs and Stratton petrol engined scythe mower designed to undertake the specialist tasks of cutting back undergrowth in paddocks, orchards and wild meadows.
\nIt can cut grass or thick undergrowth with ease.
Hardened long life EMS blades are supplied as standard and feature edge protection, which prevents the blade from bumping into walls, fences and kerbs meaning the toughest jobs can be handled with ease.
\nThe handle of the BM5001R mower can be adjusted to suit the height of the operator.
\nComplete with 102cm cutter bar.
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